Proverbs 29:18  (KJV)  Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

I’ve known this scripture for years, and I always thought it was talking about two different things.

Today, however, I recognized the equation. Vision is equal to keeping the law.

So often we struggle with what we are to do, where we are to go, which commitments to undertake. We forget the simple answer. Lay it up against the law. If it fits, it’s appropriate for us to undertake.

There is a further test. As we line our lives up along side the law to verify that we are on the right track, we can sift the calls on our time and energy through the sieve of purpose. What is our purpose? What do we want to accomplish within the vision of the law?

We make some things more complicated that they ought to be. Keeping the law is simple – always.

Easy?  Sometimes not  so easy.

But when you live with the world view that things are either right or wrong, black or white,  you don’t get caught up in the multiple shades of gray.

Our computers are built on the simple idea of “off/on”.  Despite the multiplicity of tasks they perform, it’s either off or on, yes or no, black or white.

What decisions do you struggle with today?  What is the vision of where you are going?



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