Excellence Requires an Edit

I am so frustrated this morning.

Among the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis, most of them are by writers for writers. This morning, one of my regular reads was quite disappointing. It is riddled with grammatical errors. At first I tried to justify those errors by assuming the writer was taking on the verbiage of a character in a novel. However, it soon became apparent that was not the case. It left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Another thing I found this last week or so is that one of my favorite words has changed spelling.  I can now say “they ran amuck.”  But it hurts not to spell it “amok”.

Precision in language is a delicate thing. It can be the difference between a work that sends us soaring into another world and a slow trudge through the mire.

Do you have a pet peeve where grammar is concerned?  Leave a comment so that we can commiserate.


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