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“When you fall, don’t get up empty handed. ”  — Unattributed My morning session with cryptograms is quite prolific with writing prompts.  These quotes always make me stop and think. Most of them are long years of experience distilled into … Continue reading

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Last Week

Last week was most eventful. Monday was our fifty-third wedding anniversary. Tuesday was my seventy-eighth birthday. Wednesday, I lost a daughter. At least that’s how I thought of Patsy Terrell. When I told her I adopted daughters and wanted her … Continue reading

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Growing… and Prayer

What do you remember about growing up? I remember a childhood in a small town where anything I said or did at school was home before I got there. My grandmother cautioned me not to do anything I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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A Simple Suggestion

This political season has shown our country and our politics in the worst possible light. The debates have not been helpful on many levels.  So I have this modest proposal for the third debate. No one including the moderator is … Continue reading

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The Potency of Words

“The words ‘I am…’ are potent words. Be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way Of reaching back and claiming you.” — A. L. Kitselman We forget the power of the spoken word. But … Continue reading

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Quotes and Cryptograms

As a night owl, I find it difficult to get my mental gears moving smoothly in the morning.  So I exercise my brain with various puzzles and such to get those gears oiled and moving.  One of the sites I … Continue reading

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Political Season

Because political discussion tends to generate passionate emotions, I try to stay away from those topics on social media. Sometimes, however, something needs to be said. The following is not directed at any person or party in particular, but toward … Continue reading

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