Thank you for stopping by.

I’d love to get better acquainted over a cup of something hot or a tall glass of something cold, which ever is appropriate to the current weather.

In Kansas, where I’ve lived my entire life, the weather changes – frequently. Sort of like my interests.

I call myself an omnivore where knowledge is concerned. If someone else knows about it, I want to know, too. There is very little that doesn’t pique my interest. From crafts to cooking to writing to theology to astronomy to geology to genealogy, I’ve dabbled in it all.

My most pervasive interest, however, is the written word, writing and writers. I like nothing better than helping a fledgling writer spread his wings and soar over the transom to publication. Coaching, cheering, editing and teaching give me great satisfaction. Seeing a protege’s name in print elates me as much as seeing my own name in print.

I write both fiction and non-fiction. The latter is better because most of my non-fiction takes the form of devotions or bible studies.

Friend-husband doesn’t share my writing interests. He was a math teacher when we met and married more than half a century ago. He retired to the farm where he still feeds cattle daily, fixes fence, and cultivates crops.

Together we have reared four children who have given us nine grandchildren. Because of a family tragedy, only six are still living. We have five great grandchildren.

One of the most interesting aspects of our life together is that friend-husband and I came from two different faith traditions. I could tell you stories. But enough about me.

Leave a comment and let me know who you are.

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