Thankful Thursday – 5

Goal: 2018 things for which to be thankful in 2018

2018 divided by 52 equals 38.8.

Each Thankful Thursday post should contain a list of 39 gratitudes, an average of five or six every day.

  1. Delores getting over the flu without complications
  2. Dale home from the hospital and seemingly doing well
  3. A parking spot next to the door for critique group last Saturday
  4. A new member for critique group
  5. A special phone call from a critique group member
  6. Seeing a special friend at the pancake feed last night
  7. Finding an old book proposal (that never went anywhere) to rework
  8. Having an inspiration about that same old book proposal to tweak it and to improve its chances of being sold
  9. Finding a kindred spirit to lift a really bad mood
  10. Encouragement from a coworker for a daughter discouraged at work
  11. Making arrangements for a day off work to make a pleasure trip out of town
  12. Being able to hug the son of friends who lost his daughter a few months ago
  13. Seeing a special act of kindness at the pancake feed last night
  14. An evening out with friend-husband where we didn’t have to make a deadline
  15. A good report for my employer from her physician
  16. A slow day at work when we were short handed
  17. My computer at work that seemed to heal itself after a crash
  18. The gift of feeling more like 40 when I’m pushing 80
  19. The great-grandson-in-law who sent his wife (my great-granddaughter) flowers for no particular reason
  20. Finding the replacement for a dead vacuum cleaner on sale at half price
  21. Coming to grips with a difficult decision and being content with it
  22. Having a little money left at the end of the month rather than the other way around
  23. Getting my web hosting package renewed at a discount
  24. Finding childhood friends on FB after years of not being in touch
  25. My daughter’s plans to reorganize the craft room
  26. Sharing a Mikey’s funnies quip and having half a dozen FB friends enjoy it with me
  27. Making a service change that cut my phone bill by half
  28. Being able to keep up with my New Years commitments this far (most of my “resolutions” have been toast by January 15)
  29. A much anticipated appointment with my hairdresser this afternoon – so grateful I found her
  30. That my household has escaped the flu bug thus far
  31. The excision of a skin cancer on friend-husband’s forehead healing nicely
  32. Having my grandmother’s Gone-With-the-Wind lamp in my library/office

Okay, it’s bragging rights time. Several years ago, my eldest grandson married a beautiful young woman who had two sons by a previous marriage. Those boys are handsome, intelligent, ambitious, kind, disciplined and well-behaved young men, a reflection of their mother’s parenting skills when she was a single parent.

The elder is in high school, the younger in junior high. Both have specific plans for their futures. My heart swells with pride and gratitude every time I think of them.

Of course, it also swells with pride and gratitude when I think of their younger brother (age five) and infant sister as well.

I am also grateful that the older boys were able to spend some time with their grandmother (my daughter) at her home in Orlando and at Cape Kennedy with a NASA astronaut.

I simply can’t count the gratitudes in this situation. There are too many.


ACH!  This has been a busy, busy week. This post was scheduled to publish on February 1 at 06:44.  Why it didn’t, I’ll never know. But I was too swamped to check on it. So here it is for what it’s worth. A week late and definitely very short on numbers.

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