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Time Marches On

I absolutely cannot believe that the first month of 2017 has come and gone without my accomplishing a quarter of my plans. The end of January every year seems to come with many frustrations – mostly with my own shortcomings. … Continue reading

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Keeping an Agile Mind

This new year is nearly nine percent over! Time has slithered past like a racing snake. The things I wanted to accomplish are still on the drawing board with little, if anything, done on them. My mind wrestles with octopus-armed … Continue reading

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Work And More Work — Help — Anyone…

One thing calls for two more. At the moment, I need to update my website. I have two webs at Prime Host – http://www.judithrobl.com and http://www.speaker.judithrobl.com. Both are in drastic need of updating – very drastic need. The writing site … Continue reading

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