Thankful Thursday Apology

The goal of 2018 individual items for which to be thankful in 2018 has probably fallen by the wayside. I apologize for my silence these last few weeks. Events conspired to throw me into a blue funk.

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I simply didn’t have the heart to brag on things God had done for me. I remembered three small coffins holding the remains of my three grandchildren who were destroyed by an act of pure evil. The event in Florida was another act of pure evil.

If you are a Christian, you know that pure evil exists and where to lay the responsibility for it. The enemy is alive and well, working hard to discourage and dishearten the children of God.

However, I firmly believe that there is nothing in this world so heinous that God cannot make some good come from it. It may not be the good that we would prefer. But then we look with temporal eyes, not eternal ones.

God has been good to me over these last weeks. Here is a partial list of the things for which I am thankful:

  1. The fact that God is good – all the time
  2. He gave a friend a scripture to give me – Mark 6:31
  3. He allowed me to accomplish one completed task that gave me personal satisfaction
  4. A successful medical testing procedure for one of my adult children
  5. A successful purchase for that same child
  6. The ability to design a business card for a client that was right the first time
  7. Friends from all over the planet
  8. A missionary family for whom I pray and who allow me to be a part of their mission
  9. A child in that same family who has absolutely no fear – of anything – and makes me smile every time I think of her
  10. A friend with a diagnosis of terminal cancer and a projected life span of six months who is nine months out and gaining strength daily
  11. A husband who loves me despite my sharp tongue and varied moods
  12. The air fryer which gives my husband so much pleasure with fries and burgers
  13. The hamburger thawing in the refrigerator for burgers and fries on tonight’s menu
  14. An employer who has beaten her own cancer and is doing well
  15. My work family who are all precious to me
  16. The ability to recognize my own weaknesses and overcome them
  17. Finding a native American author and her works about the Trail of Tears
  18. Remembering Josephine Wildcat Bigler, a cousin by marriage, and the bond between her and my own mother
  19. My house built in 1911 and still serving faithfully as my home for the last 48 years
  20. Friend-husband’s satisfaction in paying off the last payment on the farm land we purchased twenty years ago
  21. The fact that I could take this break from blogging and resume when my spirits were sufficiently recovered to move on.

I challenge you to look with me for things that spark your gratitude. Small blessings or large, it doesn’t matter.


Thankful Thursday 09

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