So You Want to Write a Book – 4

One of the things I have personally found helpful is to follow the blogs of various literary agencies.

The Steve Laube Agency is a good one. This post by Bob Hostetler is a good example of the helpful topics discussed. Reading the comments generated at the end of the post helps as much as the post itself most times.

The agents, Dan Balow, Bob Hostetler, and Tamela Hancock Murray, post good information. The owner, Steve Laube, posts a Fun Friday gig on Fridays – of all things.

Books and Such Literary Management is an all girl establishment. And just like any other gaggle of geese – er, gals, information and opinions are shared from different points of view – always helpful.

Looking at the right hand column on their blog page, you will find some articles of permanent value.

Home – Blog – About Books and Such – Editors Select – Our Authors – Tips and Advice – Contact

I love the fact that they are so transparent about all that is going on.

Check out these two agencies. There are others, but this enough for a start. Subscribe to their blogs, read, make comments, and get a feel for who and what is out there.

You are NOT alone.

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