Thankful Thursday – 4

Goal: 2018 things for which to be thankful in 2018

2018 divided by 52 equals 38.8.

Each Thankful Thursday post should contain a list of 39 gratitudes, an average of five or six every day.

  1. Wednesday prayer partner’s medical procedure went well
  2. Three “chance” encounters led to an epiphany in a project I’d had on the back burner
  3. A new idea for an income stream
  4. Meeting a new friend of my granddaughter
  5. The opportunity to edit a manuscript for a ministry I’d like to support
  6. Cinnamon rolls friend-husband brought home from an out of town trip
  7. Sonic’s burger and shake special
  8. New member for our writers group
  9. Arietta (mini Aussie pup) learning to sit at doors before we open them
  10. My daughter’s laughter
  11. A call from a distant friend
  12. Visiting with a coworker while we fold and tab a mailing
  13. Enjoying my workBaby Ruth
  14. Broccoli-cheese soup
  15. Baby Ruth candy bars – mini size
  16. Lovely jigsaw puzzle mosaics and the people who create them
  17. Tapioca pudding
  18. Doc Lynch
  19. Good color in the face of a friend who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure
  20. A hug from a friend I’ve not seen in months
  21. Good news of healing from a recent widow
  22. The privilege of copying old photos for a friend to send to family members
  23. Visiting with an acquaintance about the Lord
  24. Crisp onion rings
  25. Pepper grinders
  26. Hand lotion for winter hands
  27. Domino (Maine Coon cat) seems to be losing excess weight and acting more spry
  28. The aroma of yeast in rising bread dough
  29. Wi-Fi
  30. Having my grandmother’s handwritten manuscript of “Shirley with the Long Dark Pigtails and the Little Boy Upstairs”
  31. The joy of John 3:16-17
  32. American Christian Fiction Writers
  33. Christmas lights on the stairwell to illuminate the stairs – kept all year long for safety
  34. Seeing a friend who is like a daughter and hugging her after the death of her brother
  35. Seeing Petra on PBS
  36. The dishwasher in the kitchen
  37. My side of the electric blanket
  38. Fuzzy slippers
Thankful Thursday 04



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3 Responses to Thankful Thursday – 4

  1. writershilpa says:

    Every little thing we have is a blessing – yes, even the mini-candy! Little things we need to be grateful for! 🙂


  2. Judith Robl says:

    And I’m grateful that you started this project for me. Hugs.


  3. Shirley Corder says:

    Thank you for your faithfulness every Thursday, Judith. I love reading your list of thankful points. I love your crisoy oniin rings. You’ve put me in the mood! Thankful Thursday #4>


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