“When you fall, don’t get up empty handed. ”  — Unattributed

My morning session with cryptograms is quite prolific with writing prompts.  These quotes always make me stop and think. Most of them are long years of experience distilled into the fine wine of wisdom.

This one is particularly thought-provoking.

First it says “When you fall…”  It doesn’t say if you fall, or should you fall, or maybe you’ll fall.  It says WHEN!  It assumes you will fall. The only way not to fall is simply to sit still, not moving, not attempting anything, just vegetating.

My grandmother used to say “You cannot stub your toe unless you’re moving forward.”  Think about it. You’ll not stub your toe lying in bed or sitting in your recliner. You won’t even stub your toe if you’re walking backward or sidling crabwise around the corner. Only when walking forward can you stub your toe.

We humans seem to have trouble with walking forward. We tend to take side trips and fall down rabbit holes. We walk into things we know we should avoid and do so with our eyes wide open. Then we are confused and surprised when we are knocked flat on our kiesters. In our perverse arrogance, we seem to think we can do anything we wish and do it without negative consequences.

Balderdash! I’ve been a farmer’s wife too long not to recognize that aroma.

We’ve all seen this desk toy called Newton’s Cradle.  The prime law of physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Every thing we do has a consequence.

 Even no action is an action. Doing nothing is a choice. And there are consequences for doing nothing, also.

So what are the likely consequences of our current action – or inaction?  That is the question.

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