Quotes and Cryptograms

As a night owl, I find it difficult to get my mental gears moving smoothly in the morning.  So I exercise my brain with various puzzles and such to get those gears oiled and moving.  One of the sites I use is http://www.cryptograms.org .

When this quote from Aristotle cropped up, it made me think bout the best friend we have in this world or any other.

“The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.”  — Aristotle

Think about it. Who is your best friend – your very best friend?

Qualifications for the job of Best Friend are quite stringent.

  • Best Friend must have your best interest at heart at all times, regardless of the cost to the friend.
  • BF must be on call at all hours of the night and day, ready to help in any crises, major or minor.
  • BF must enjoy what you enjoy, laugh when you laugh, weep when you weep.
  • BF must be able to advise you correctly when you ask for advice.
  • BF must have all wisdom – and all discretion to keep your needs private.

There is only one person I know of that fits this description. And that is the person Jesus sent to be with us in His physical absence, the Holy Spirit.


You who draw near,
You who walk beside,
Come to comfort,
Come to strengthen,
Come to shine the Light of the
Word on the Darkness of my heart.
Help me to align with you, Oh, Holy Spirit.
Help me to bring my thoughts
Captive to the will of Christ,
Captive to the Word of God,
Captive to obedience,
Instantaneous and unquestioning,
To Your promptings.
Help me to study to show my self approved,
Unashamed to sit in the Council of your saints.
Help me to see the will of the Father in everyday situations.
Help me to respond in love to the Lord.
Help me to respond with Love to all His hurting creation.
Keep me dead-on, sighted with tunnel vision,
Single-minded on the goal of
Total obedience as a channel of His love.

©1979 – Judith Robl



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