Political Season

Because political discussion tends to generate passionate emotions, I try to stay away from those topics on social media. Sometimes, however, something needs to be said. The following is not directed at any person or party in particular, but toward the process in general.

Is anyone else weary of the political season now in progress?  The name calling, the insults, the crude language, the jockeying for position regardless of the consequences all remind me of a school yard brawl. None of which makes me optimistic for the future of our nation.

The media hasn’t helped the situation. Reporters strive to ask “pertinent” questions which are actually impertinent and designed to generate more heat than light.

The public laps up the sound bites, thinking with their emotions and reflexes, not considering the ramifications of all the promises. At this point, it’s difficult to ascertain the truth.

Without a large dose of discernment, the public will go to the polls, salivating like Pavlov’s dogs, hoping that their choice will be able to deliver on the impossible promises that have been offered.

And the situation in this nation will continue to spiral downward.

We need an individual of real character, with an accurate moral compass, who has the heart of a servant rather than the arrogance of privilege to fill the oval office. I’m still waiting for that person to appear.

God help us.

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2 Responses to Political Season

  1. Judith Robl says:

    You pose some interesting questions, my friend. I guess hope springs eternal in me. Some where, some time, reason must prevail.


  2. Sally Lewis says:

    I agree that this years political campaign is particularly shrill, crude, deceitful and one quite beggared of the positive patriotic enthusiasm that has so often energized and united us as people to loose those ‘better angels’ in our collective nature in pursuit of higher goals. I’m thinking of John Kennedy, a Democrat with a Republican congress, who challenged us as a nation to go to the moon and to send our young adults out into the world as volunteer ‘missionaries of democracy’ or Dwight Eisenhower who set up NASA in response to Sputnik and built and financed the Interstate Highway System without being labeled a socialist.

    Could a politician with a servant’s heart even make himself heard in the clamor that passes for debate this year? And more importantly where is the electorate who would support them without the glitz and falderal the media provides?


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