My New Friend, Reverend G

RJ Thesman is a certified life coach, but she has lived through watching loved ones struggle with dementia and Alzheimer’s. She has written a brilliant trilogy about a lovely lady, my new friend, Reverend G.

Beginning with The Unraveling of Reverend G, through Intermission for Reverend G, to Final Grace for Reverend G, RJ Thesman has written a devastatingly accurate portrayal of the path of this disease and the steps for living through it with someone you love.

I was immediately captivated by Gertrude and had an immediate affinity for her distaste for her given name. (I never liked my middle name either.) She was a spunky woman who lived through some not very nice years with grace and aplomb. She accomplished a great deal while a single mother rearing an only son.

The first two books of the trilogy pull you intimately into her life, her thoughts, her feelings. Read them in order of publication, please. They give you a true picture of this lady and her circumstances.

Funny at times, poignant at others, Final Grace for Reverend G carries you through the journey of Alzheimer’s with sensitivity, wit, grace, and truth.  The truth of Alzheimer’s is that while it may rob one of their external means of expression, the person is still whole in spirit as a child of God.

At one point in my checkered career, I worked in a retirement facility much like Cove Creek, and I saw many people and their families wrestle with the enemy Reverend G called Zim.   I would hope that anyone dealing with Zim in any capacity would read this trilogy. It will change forever the way you look at the people who are dealing with it first hand, the patients.

Brilliantly written, the Reverend G series will teach and encourage as well as entertain. Mostly it will help you to understand that death is not always the enemy. Sometimes it is one’s best friend. A final grace given to the children of the Heavenly Father.

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