ACFW Early Bird

The actual ACFW conference started today.  And it was magnificent!

The early bird session was presented by Christopher Vogler.  He talked about the writer’s journey. Before the first break, he had given me some answers to problems I’ve had with the novel I’ve been working on forever. Major breakthrough!  This alone was worth the price of the conference. But that was just the beginning.

Met and visited with more than half a dozen people who were new to me. But there were two really high points. I had recently commented on an agent’s blog in answer to another comment that I’d look for Joe at the Conference. He saw me first and came over, so I hugged a new brother in Christ. Yes!

The second high point was reconnecting with a writer who had grown up in my community. I’d not seen her since she went away to school.  (She’s the age of my children.)  Her parents and I were members of the same Thursday night prayer and study group for years. Her folks moved away, and I lost touch. How wonderful to catch up, meet her husband, and learn about Max and Winifred again.

Then the keynote speaker was Lauraine Snelling!  Marvelous lady with a great message. The point of which was “if you don’t do you, it won’t get done, and God’s creation will not be complete.”  If you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak, please make every effort. She’s a realistic encourager.

The evening capped off with agent panels.  And I warned one agent that I had her in my cross-hairs. When I have something to pitch, she’s my first target. Loved her attitudes and her cogent, pointed answers. It was a great presentation. All the agents were helpful, open, instructive, and encouraging.  What a valuable resource for authors and aspiring authors!

It was a marvelous day, and this was barely the beginning.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow.



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