One of the things I resolved to do yesterday is to blog with more effectiveness. That requires that I define and quantify effectiveness.

The purpose of this blog is simply to capture the fleeting thoughts that would otherwise evaporate. Some of those thoughts just might have worth as springboard for my writing goals.  So how do I judge this blog for effectiveness?

First the frequency of the blog is important. Posting only when inspired might lead to three consecutive days of posts followed by weeks or months of silence. So for frequency, at least once a week is the goal.  That’s measurable.

The second measure is to balance and focus my categories. Excellence, Faith, Family, Politics, Society, Values, Work, and Writing are my current categories. These will stay the same for this year. Periodically I will assess how often I use each of these categories to define the trends of my thinking.

The third measure of effectiveness will be found in the stats as more readers and comments.

The other part of this equation is that this is not my only blog.  Garment of Praise is my devotional blog and As Grandma Says is my blog about my devotional book and the grandmother who inspired it. I will need to apply these measurements to those blogs as well.  Wish me luck.

May 2014  find your life filled with grace, peace, love and joy.

About Judith Robl

Speaker - Author - Editor - Writing Coach
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4 Responses to Beginnings

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  2. Sally Lewis says:

    Good luck. You have inspired me once again…keep it up!


  3. Glenda Ganung says:

    Good luck!


  4. Great goal! I’m averaging once/month but also need to step it up. Thanks for the reminder! 😀


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