Facebook, Friends, Festivities and Family Dinners

Two of my FB friends posted things about siblings.  I’ve always felt a little cheated along those lines because my older sister died at birth. When I mentioned that in comment on one friend’s timeline, she responded with “That’s so sad.”

I hadn’t thought of it as sad, just unfair. God has been gracious to bring good friends into my life to serve as surrogate sisters.

I’ve known Sally since I can remember. We lost touch for several years, but can pick up in the middle of the paragraph when we’re together. And now that we have the internet and FB, we can be in touch daily.

Sandy came into my life when I was a young mother. We traded baby sitting duties, shared Kleenex over disagreements with husbands, and went to the same church for twenty years.  She left to join her husband in heaven just a few years ago.

Della Ann came into my life through work. I had just taken a job with a nearby community college coordinating their associate degree program for nursing home administrators. She wanted to be come a nursing home administrator. It wasn’t long before we were virtually inseparable. I knew her ten years almost to the day when God took her home.

Annually, we have a family dinner in the middle of the winter. It started as an excuse for my husband’s family to enjoy mountain oysters.  Then his brother invited a friend, and my husband invited a few more, and it grew. Last year, we enjoyed the company of nearly fifty people at our mid-winter mountain oyster fry.

The planning for that dinner takes a great deal of time and thought. Arranging tables, planning the accessory foods, inviting people and keeping track of RSVPs, arranging the venue, and nine million other details. Festivities take a lot of time, effort and planning.

I’m vain enough to think that there will be festivities when I arrive in heaven. I have a welcoming committee in place. My godfather, my grandparents, my mother, my sister, two of my friends, and three grandchildren.

But most of all, my Savior has promised that He has prepared a place for me. What wonder!  What joy!




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