Another Scam

E-mail is a mixed blessing. Through e-mail I can visit with friends in Australia, South Africa, the Pacific Northwest, Texas or practically any other place in the world. But if you are like me, you have a file filled with SPAM, most of it designed to separate you from your money.

The one I got today takes the cake.

The heading reads:

Re: Your Funds Intercepted,

The body of the letter carries this heading:

Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division
Federal Bureau Of Investigation

The link above is attached to a bogus url which I’ve unlinked here, not the FBI. And the letter goes on to say:

We write to inform you that our intelligent monitoring network intercepted some funds/inheritance, Atm Visa Cards,lottery winning and box of consignment contain funds valued $5.5m USD.

Since I was expecting no such funds (please note the laundry list of sources), I could eliminate this as a legitimate email. (Never mind the grammatical errata.)

After we have conducted due investigation and verifications, the two men whose name has been withheld for security reasons confessed of been responsible for your inability of receiving your atm card/funds.

We have been able to ascertain that these imposters deliberately hindered you from not been able to receive your funds by conniving with the agents in charge of your funds release by demanding excessive fees for their own selfish reasons.

We intercepted these FUNDS when they were trying to smuggle it to The United Kingdom and we have deposited your FUNDS with our security company.

You are therefore requested to contact Barrister Xxxxx Xxxxxxx via email: [ ] to help you process the release of your payment to you. We trust him to help you to process the release as soon as you open communication with him.

We hope to redeem the image of this country from all the scams perpetrated on innocent people.

Please do not hesitate to email US if there are any further complications for guidelines.

Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx
Head of Assets Forfeiture and Tax Investigation Unit
EFCC Headquarters in collaboration with
Fbi Headquarters In Washington, D.C.

To top it all off, the email address from which this was sent is:

“Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx” <>
This is a phishing expedition. They may want to take your money at some point, but the letter is designed to get you to contact them, either through the bogus FBI link at the top or the email in the body of the letter. If you do that, you are compromised. Your email can be used to send SPAM. Your accounts with groups, blogs, and whatever sites you use may be closed because of this compromise.
I regularly empty my SPAM folder. I don’t wait for the automated empty. Sometimes, legitimate email is routed to my spam folder. By keeping it cleaned out daily, I can search for missing email more easily.
How do you handle SPAM?



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