Halfway There

Well, after struggling since November with hosting  and design issues, I finally have my web presence back at www.judithrobl.com.

Admittedly this is only a place holder. But it is certainly better than the last one. This is my new home page. The additional pages are still under  construction. I hope to have them up and running in a week or so.

Meantime, you might want to check it out. Getting this done felt like trying to empty the ocean with a teacup. Part of that was due to my inexperience in the technology and inability to master the maze.

My hat is off to all web designers everywhere.

About Judith Robl

Speaker - Author - Editor - Writing Coach
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1 Response to Halfway There

  1. Tom Blubaugh says:

    I can identify. I got so frustrated with programmers. They were great at programming, but marketing was an issue. I thought I’d go back to school and become a programmer myself, but I found out it takes a special person with a talent I don’t have. I dropped out with an A. A professer asked me why I was quitting since I was getting an A. I told him I figured out how to ace his tests, but I didn’t have a clue how to apply what I was learning. I too take my hat off to programmers everywhere.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack


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