Off to the races – Last out of the gate

Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short again. This post was due yesterday, but life intervened. My goals for March Madness writing have been to work one hour a day on fiction work in progress and at least half an hour on non-fiction work in progress.

Still aiming for those goals, but falling quite short. Have been unable to get to non-fiction work the last two days and have managed just about an hour total on the fiction.

My household is full of interruptions. Not an excuse, just a fact. If anyone has an idea how to get life under control better, I’m willing to listen.

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2 Responses to Off to the races – Last out of the gate

  1. Geni White says:

    If you find an answer, please let me know! Our kids from Taiwan will be here in a couple of weeks (and our daughter from Chicago) so I know writing time may evaporate.
    Love you,
    Geni White


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