Sad Day

At this stage of life, I am used to dealing the death notices. When you are past the biblical three score and ten you sort of expect your compatriots to be leaving you for the better land. But the death of someone the age of your children is a little harder to handle.

Today we went to the hospital to visit my daughter’s friend and her husband. The husband had been battling cancer and they had sent word through another friend that they wanted to talk with my daughter. While we were waiting to see them, the husband succumbed to the cancer.

A few minutes later, the couple’s daughter came out to tell us of her dad’s death. She also said that what her mom and dad had wanted was to ask my daughter to sing at his funeral.

Hugs shared, tears dried and Kleenex passed around, we took our leave and went on about the business of the day. Most of that will be rearranging schedules to accommodate this turn of events.

Nothing stays the same. And we need to adapt to the changing landscape — no matter how uncomfortable that is.

How grateful I am that God is never surprised by anything that happens. He knew our last breath before we took the first one. He had things ready for this day. We simply need to lean on Him for the rest of it.



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2 Responses to Sad Day

  1. Laura Best says:

    I’m so sorry to read this Judith. We are forced to endure so many sad things in our lives. My prayers are with you all.


    • Judith Robl says:

      Laura, Thank you for your prayers. His wife and daughters will be grateful to be upheld in your thoughts and prayers.

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