Website Down

The last week has been a headache on the internet. My website had problems with my prior web host, so I decided to transfer it. This has been a seven-day ordeal, back and forth between providers.

The point is that my website is no longer live, so please do not go to and expect to find my site. It will be some time before I’m live again.  I’ll let you know when that happens.

Meantime, keep watching here for updates and a short diary of the process.


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6 Responses to Website Down

  1. So much for “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” huh. So….how’s the “fix” coming along?

    Love you, Ma!


  2. Judith Robl says:

    Oh dear friend, my email is independent from my website – deliberately so. While people can reach me through my website email address — when the website is up — the independent email address works whether I’m changing internet service providers or web hosts or what..

    Because I am redesigning the site from start to finish, it may be several weeks before the website is back up and running fully.


  3. Geni WHite says:

    Computer gremlins at work, hmmm? i can relate to the frustration.
    I was thinking this meant your e-mail is also down?
    Looking forward to word of full repairs.
    Love you,
    Geni White


  4. sjlewis39 says:

    Just for fun may I say way to GoLady…lol.


  5. Judith Robl says:

    Oh, my dear, you are so-o-o-o funny! This superwoman cape is all holey – ratty even. Thanks for the thumbs up on the new theme. I liked the simplicity of the new look. You might, just for the fun of it, try typing in and seeing what comes up. I hope I don’t get sued for false advertising. This is a placeholder established by GoDaddy.


  6. sjlewis39 says:

    Oh bummer!
    I am so impressed with your new lay-out and theme – looks like you came home from the conference all fired up and ready to go. Will be looking forward to all the updates. Oh and BTW, I also know you’ve already ironed your ‘superwoman’ cape, donned it, fluffed up your hair and are now ready to leap (gracefully of course) over any obstacle foolish enough to get in your way.


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