The Executive and the Elephant

I have just completed my first reading of Richard L. Daft’s book, The Executive and the Elephant.  He had me hooked on page five where the heading is “The Conflict Between Knowing and Doing.” I’ve struggled with this dichotomy all my life.

It amazed me that he had crawled into my head and knew all about me. Then I realized it wasn’t just me. Everyone has these internal conflicts. After defining the problems, this book gives the reader several methods of overcoming these ubiquitous internal obstacles. While I devoured this book in about ten days – it does require some thinking on the part of the reader – I will use it for years in my effort to overcome my internal obstacles. I can see it giving me motive power where before I had been becalmed. This is a voyage of self-dicsovery and self-mastery. I fully intend to enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

Please don’t let the subtitle, A Leader’s Guide for Building Inner Excellence, intimidate you. Whether you are a leader in a local area, a world-wide leader, or just the leader of yourself, this book has many valuable insights for you.  On page 90, he quotes Lao-Tzu: “He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty.”

Because I wish to become self-controlled, I will be practicing these principles for years to come. Thank you, Richard Daft, for this insight into self-mastery.


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One Response to The Executive and the Elephant

  1. Geni W. says:

    This sounds like an excellent book and the title is so intriguing.
    I’m reading a second book by Kathleen Norris. Bob bought me a first one (her third actually, Dakota, because I attended high school in the same State where Norris lives. She writes of her spiritual journeys. This second book is Acedia and Me. Apparently acedia is a deeper maliase than sloth and ultra common among humans, though often unrecognizes.

    Norris’s Best seller was Amazing Grace. A not uncommon title, but I plan to look for this one at our library. She also writes in a way that requires thought, but drops in nuggets regularly.
    Blessings to YOU,


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