Yesterday, I celebrated a milestone with my cousin, Shirley.

The signed contract and advance check for my devotional gift book, As Grandma Says, had arrived safely in my mailbox on Thursday, and I wanted to share with her. She’d seen me through a lot of hard work on the writing.

I had to be in Salina on Friday for another matter, so I called Shirley to see if we could meet for lunch. We frequently do this when I’m there over a noon hour. She said fine, but she was also meeting another lifelong friend for lunch, would we (my daughter and I) join them. They planned to meet at Coop’s.

Now Coop’s Pizzeria is a small restaurant located between Santa Fe and Fifth street facing the alley just south of Jilka Furniture. I hadn’t known it was there. My loss!!

The menu boasts a lovely selection of pizza, pasta and salads. I opted for the Greek salad. Feta cheese, Greek olives, orange slices, strawberries, diced meat, spinach and other greens, raspberry vinaigrette — I know I’m leaving something out. Bread sticks and cinnamon breadsticks. It was a feast.

Five of us at the table, each with a different meal, and all of us wishing we had more room to eat some of everything. Take home boxes were the order of the day.

If you are ever in Salina, Kansas, look up Coop’s. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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One Response to Celebration

  1. rev barbarah hancock says:

    glad that all is well and you and extened family are socializing; praise be to the higher power that all is well!! Blessings!! B!!


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