The mail today carried the completed, signed contract from my publisher and a check for the signing half of the advance on my gift book, As Grandma Says.

One more step toward publication taken. We’re getting there.



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7 responses to “Wheee!!

  1. rev barbarah hancock


    SOOOOOOOOO, very proud of you!! Blessings…B!!


  2. I found your blog via one of your comments on an old post of Laura Best’s. I’m pleased to discover another mature writer of faith and just want to congratulate you on the upcoming release of your book. I hope you enjoy much success with it.


  3. It must be starting to feel real about now. I can remember thinking that until my contract was signed something could go awry.Of course it didn’t.

    I’m so happy for you. May you enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience!


    • lydiajo39

      Laura,   Thanks for your good wishes. I am enjoying this roller coaster ride. Sometimes a little scared, but mostly feeling vindicated.  I’ve known for years that I was a competent writer, just didn’t have the savvy to get to the publishers or to know what they needed.  Still don’t have that under the belt securely.   It’s a little eerie, knowing that I’m starting a new career at age 70, but I take comfort from Grandma Moses. If you’ve got it in you, it’s bound to come out.   Grace and peace, Judith



      As Grandma Says – Devotional Gift book from Grandma’s words of wisdom, available from Harvest House, January 2011



  4. lydiajo39

    Thanks, girls!!!


  5. shadiahrichi

    Woohoo!!! 🙂


  6. sjlewis39



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