A Step Toward Publication

Well, the deed is done!  I’ve signed the contract and sent the manuscript to the publisher. As Grandma Says is scheduled to be released in January 2011 by Harvest House.

It will be a 48-page devotional gift book in 7×7 inch format – hard cover, full color. I’m excited, elated, and a little trepidatious. They still have a month to scrap the whole thing.  What will they want edited, revised, or replaced?

And now, I need to start another blog — for the book.  I believe it will be simply a blog about who she was, this grandmother who inspired the book. So I have to find it a home, pick a theme, learn how to upload photos, scan some of the pics of my grandmother and decide what to write about her. Oh, help!!


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3 Responses to A Step Toward Publication

  1. Sally Lewis says:

    What a great journey you are on! Your grandmother was such a positive force in your life, full of joie de vivre. Looking forward to your new blog, I’m already reminiscing.


  2. Laura Best says:

    I’m so happy for you! I know exactly how you feel. You will do great with a blog for the book…



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