The Eve of Christmas

We’ve  waited as children for this day each year. It was the climax, the most exciting time. A time when we would get gifts and give them. In those days the getting was much more important to us than the giving.

Today, I think of all I’ve been given. Family, friends, health, a vocation and an avocation.

Most of all, I think of the Gift of the Manger. Somehow it seems most fitting that the Bread of Life be offered to us in the eating trough of the animals. Without His salvation, we are like brute animals, working from instinct, dog-eat-dog, Grab all you can of the gusto because you only go around once in this life.

This night we celebrate the most precious gift of all the universe.

A child is born and offered to us as the propitiation for our sins if we simply believe. Or believe simply.

He’s given in a place that is accessible to all, from the humblest shepherd to the richest magi.

At church this evening, we will remember the Gift and adore the Giver. We will remember our unworthiness and thank Him for making us worthy.

And for just a moment, the hullabaloo and jangle of this world will be stilled so that we may glimpse the serene glory of the next.

I wish you all the blessings of the Christ-child and the gift of obedience for the coming year.


About Judith Robl

Speaker - Author - Editor - Writing Coach
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