My email in-box is a disaster waiting for a tragedy.  I’ve neglected it from time to time and failed to file the correspondence I need and trash what needs to be trashed.  Therefore I have some eight thousand (yes, that’s 8,000) pieces of mail in my in-box.

Due to a recent post by Michael Hyatt, I decided to clean the in-box.  Working from oldest to newest, I cleared about four hundred emails before the inevitable happened.  During one of the procedures, my in-box flipped from oldest first to newest first. And I accidentally deleted the last twenty-five pieces of email I’d received.

That would not be so bad, except that I decided to clean the in-box before – BEFORE – handling this morning’s mail. AARRGGHH!!!

So if you emailed me recently and I didn’t respond, please resend your message.


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2 Responses to Ooooops!!

  1. lydiajo39 says:


    Thanks for feeling with me. A co-worker suggested I look in my trash folder – which I did. Lo and behold, there they were. Now you know how completely computer literacy challenged I am. (blush).


  2. Laura Best says:

    Oh no!! I cringed reading this.

    My deleted items go into a deleted file so I have to delete them a second time before they are actually gone. Any way of retrieving yours?


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