What will they think of next?

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3 Responses to What will they think of next?

  1. sjlewis39 says:

    This is what they’ll think of next:
    The pope cuts a record – the Russian head of state rides, really bareback – it’s a mad, mad world we live in.


  2. lydiajo39 says:

    Thank you for your opinion. “Anything for a sale…” That sort of says it all, doesn’t it?


  3. Anything for a sale these days. Regardless of whether or not the prayers are said correctly, prayer should be intimate communication between a human and his or her Creator. Maybe the fact that the prayers are pre-written and said to a historical figure rather than directly to God takes away the intimacy, so all involved can record and play these types of things without feeling like they are invading any kind of privacy. Note, I can only speak from a non-Catholic perspective, but I trust YahShua’s words regarding praying in our closets that it is not a good idea to try and make ourselves known or heard for our “much speaking” even if it is set to musical accompaniment.


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