Shame on you, Ben Stein

Because of Ben Stein’s ad on TV, I went to the site for After all, he said you could see your three credit scores for free.

Well, that’s true – and it’s not true. You pay a $1.00 processing fee for your trial membership. Not a big deal so far. Except that you have to give them your credit card information for the $1.00.

However, if you don’t cancel your membership within 20 days by certified mail, you will be charged $29.95 a month for your membership.

Not an outright lie, but a serious bending of the truth. Moral of the story is: Read the fine print – all the way through.


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2 Responses to Shame on you, Ben Stein

  1. Megan says:

    That’s not true I went and became a member and was able to cancel via an 800 number.


    • lydiajo39 says:

      I’m glad to know that. My information was not from personal experience. I was taking it from the user license agreement. Mea culpa.


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