On the 21st of July, I learned that a publishing committee at a reputable publishing house liked my devotional book proposal and wanted to proceed with the project. I was told that the appropriate editor would be in touch. That is all I heard.

It’s only been a week, but my patience muscle is being exercised mightily. I’m not going to nag at the publisher about what and when and how. I don’t want to be that kind of high-maintenance writer.

Since this is my first book, I have no idea what kind of time line we’re working with. I gave them some sample devotions and a list of possible titles for others. I’d like to be working on the content, but I’d like to know if there are specific titles they are interested in. I’d do those first.

Like the over-excited newbie I am, I told a lot of people about this small success. Now I’m fielding questions for which I have no answers.

People are asking how soon it will be available. They are shocked when I tell them probably not until 2011 or 2012.

I’m being teased about the millions I’ll be making from this book (hah). Let’s get real. It’s a modest book for which I expect modest remuneration.

I’m eager to learn more about the project from the publisher’s point of view. This has now become a business proposition, not a creative writing exercise.

In the meantime, I’m preparing for a writers’ conference, working to update another book proposal, and shopping for a possible agent. I’m too old to try to navigate the learning curve of the business end of writing. I need a partner.

Oh, yes. Life goes on as usual – meals, dishes, laundry, job, family. And so I wait.


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3 Responses to Patience

  1. lydiajo39 says:

    No way to figure. It is what it is, and I’ll just have to be patient til I hear something from the appropriate editor. I was hoping to have a time frame by September — but who knows. Thanks for your input.


  2. Laura Best says:

    When i received a call about “Bitter, Sweet” I was on the phone so fast telling everyone I knew. Of course later I wished I had kept it to myself until the time came close because as you say people don’t seem to understand that you have to wait to have your book fitted into a publishers publishing program.

    After the phone call the editor followed up with an email and told me the senior editor would be in touch. I received the call in April, the senior editor contacted me in October.

    This of course is my experience. I know one writer who’s book was accepted in March and a rush was put on because they needed it for Oct. Although they had her Ms for two years…Go figure..


  3. Congrats and good luck with that first book!


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