The Best Laid Plans

Well, weekly update didn’t happen here. Life intervened and my laptop died – on the 12th,  just one day short of a week from the last post. What with trying to replace the laptop and reload all my applications and retrieve my writing files from Mozy, besides working a day job, I simply didn’t get it done.

Lessons learned:

1 – Don’t expect a laptop to last any more than three years. Set aside funds for a new one as soon as you have purchased the current model.

2 – Make sure you have a backup plan for using a computer in the rift. Thank goodness, I could go to my workplace to post my daily devotional blog.

3 – Remember Murpy’s Law and its corollary: If anything can go wrong, it will. And at the worst possible moment.

The upshot is that I have a new computer. I’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world of Windows Vista. Hopefully they have most of the bugs out of it by now. I have done the recovery disc backups for the new system. The next step is to load all my applications, so I can restore from my Mozy backups.

Then I can get back to my writing. I hope….


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